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Other Sanitation Services

At JLD, we want to supply you with all sanitation services necessary including handwashing stations, hand sanitizer stands, sanitary bins, and porta tanks to help ensure a clean and safe event. Our team is equipped with the skills to properly set up and retrieve your sanitation services quickly and effectively for easy cleanup.

We understand the importance of guests being comfortable and clean and therefore aim to accommodate you with any sanitization services for your event or construction site. Contact JLD today to learn more about our sanitization services and the variety of ways we can help your gathering be as hygienic and clean as possible.

Hand Washing Stations

Our freestanding Hand Washing Station accommodates complete hand and forearm washing. With a 24-gallon water capacity, it features powerful foot pumps that are easily accessible, even for users in heavy work boots. It comes with two paper towel and soap dispensers. It is available for 1-28 day rentals with a weekly service.


Our 250-gallon Porta-Tanks are available for 1- 28-day rentals with monthly service (extra service is available - call for quote). These tanks are most often used under on-site office trailers but are also used for temporary waste storage in other locations as well.

Handi-Stand - Sanitizer Dispenser

Our Handi-Stand is a sanitizer dispenser that is designed to provide hand sanitizer for visitors and guests. It is ideal for public gatherings, outdoor events, or job sites to protect people against the spreading of germs. It is a free-standing unit that can be placed in high traffic areas and is available for 1-28 day rentals.

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