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JLD Enterprises, located in Auburn, AL, provides full service contracting needs for clients in residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Inside or out, large or small, simple or extravagant, JLD promises to do things right - the first time. Our experience in various markets gives us the ability to understand our client’s unique needs, so we can formulate the perfect solution for you and your company. Please contact us for a free quote.


Let us help you build a solid base.

Creating a level base will help to ensure the next foundation can be properly laid, is solid, and remains sturdy for any construction project or build to come. Through the grading process, our expert team will evaluate, plan in detail and safely execute any leveling your project calls for.

Along with grading of land, we are able to create smooth slopes and paths that will aid in efficiently completing your construction jobs. Whether your job site is a small parking lot or a large industrial complex, we are ready to assist.


Let us dig underground, so you don’t have to.

Our utility experts are ready to serve you. Whether you are in need of water, sewage, fire, or storm pipes, our knowledgeable crew is dedicated to locating existing utilities and installing the correct utilities tailored to your site.

Having laid thousands of feet in utilities, we understand the importance of doing it right and efficiently. While they are not often on the forefront of the checklist, utilities are essential to a highly functioning job site. Let our team help lay the groundwork.


Helping you pave the way to success.

As a necessary service to construct and maintain roadways and parking lots, our paving services are completed with high-quality materials and service. To ensure durability, our pavement professionals will carefully perform paving operations to ensure that they are completed in accordance with your engineering and project needs.

Whether you are searching for an experienced team to pave miles of road, a small parking lot or help patch an area, we can guarantee that things are done right the first time.


We don't just demolish things, we demolish things safely.

No matter the material or structure you need us to break through or tear down, we have the crew and resources ready to execute it. With safety as a top priority, we will evaluate your job site and work with you every step of the way to make sure the task is efficiently completed.

Regardless of the size of your soon to be flattened structure we can help. Next time you need something demolished, let our experts lend you a hand.

Erosion Control

We can protect your site, so you can focus on everything else.

We work diligently and around the clock to ensure that your job site is not disrupted by environmental factors and your erosion control methods follow Alabama Department of Environmental Management regulations. Run off and other environmental hazards can quickly cause damage to your job site, delaying deadlines and creating more work for your crew. Aside from creating project hazards and delays, this contaminated run-off can deposit in nearby drainage channels, small conveyances and streams leading to environmental harm and the possibility of fines and charges.

We want to help you stay on schedule, protect the surrounding environment and keep your job site in quality condition. As an ADEM compliant enterprise, our knowledgeable team will evaluate and determine the best erosion control methods and products to make it the least of your concern.

Dump Trucks

Delivery, hauling or retrieving. Our fleet is ready.

Getting from point A to point B is easier on wheels. Whether the next step in your project is to have a load of gravel delivered or taken away, we have the fleet that will maneuver it with ease. Offering various dump truck sizes, we are equipped to assist with projects large and small.

Our dump trucks are operated by professionals in the industry who will work with you to carefully navigate and execute what you need. No matter the materials or debris you need hauled, we can serve you.

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